Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho Ho Ho Merry X'mas!

Dear Doggies & Hoomans ,sorry for the lack of post as Mommy was too busy & i am not allowed to write alone....

The past week was busy busy busy for us as Mommy was frantically buying X'mas gifts as she does not want to do last minute shopping and be caught in the crowd. Me? I was home most of the time playing with Daddy as he was clearing his leaf...wonder where the leaf comes from? We dun have a tree with leaf at home...*scratch ear*
Mommy: Daddy was clearing his annual leave dude.

Do you have a X'mas wish? Mine was to have Mommy stay with me 24 hours a day! Thats all i wanted for X'mas, will Grandpa Santa Claus grant me this simple wish please?

Here wishing all doggies a wonderful X'mas fill with treats, prezzies and kisses from your hoomans!


Monday, December 17, 2007

X'mas Cards!

Hello Doggies and Hoomans! How was your weekend?

Hope you all like the X'mas card that i had sent out last week. I also received some cards and they are lovely! Thanks Sweety, King King and Benny!
X'mas cards from King King, Sweety and Benny!
Me posing with the cards!

I had a nice weekend and Camry came by to play with me on Saturday. Pity JJ Eva and Mommy didn't capture any fotos of us. Do you know that Camry was the one who first taught me how to hump when i was a teeny baby? Now i can hump her back!Hehehehe.

Ok, i gotta go sleep, the weather is so nice.Talk again soon!


Friday, December 14, 2007

New Dinner Recipe!

Hello Doggies and Hoomans, hope you have had a good week! TGIF man, its friday! I love weekends as this is the only time my hoomans will spend more time at home with me or even bring me out to gai gai!

Mommy's been real busy with her X'mas shopping, but she didn't get me anything unfair! Our dehydrator has been working overtime drying pork loin, liver, hearts but they are not for me either...they are X'mas prezzies for my friends.

Well, as i am on HCF (Home Cooked Food) Mommy experimented last night with a new recipe. She boiled chix meat and mix it with diced carrots,half a hard boiled egg and cottage cheese. Its taste really good and i luv it to the max! And its officially on my weekly menu! I love chix but Mommy dun give it to me often, say i mite develop allergy to them. I dun even know how a chix look like!
Chix with Cottage Cheese
Me sampling the dinner

Oh btw, Mommy's mysterious friend Unker Russell (the author of True Singapore Ghost Story) say he has a surprise for us (i think he means ME) in his latest book, I think its the 17th book/instalement of TSGS and its due to be released today! I better go pester Mommy to get us a copy today! So if you are in a bookshop, do show your support for Unker Russell and get a copy of his book ok? Must show support for our local writers!

Have a great weekend with your hoomans!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa YangYang?

Hello Doggies, its me again!

JJ Elina come over on Sat to give me a X'mas prezzie...and i am still deciding if i like it. I thought i look ridiculous in it and Mommy kept laffing at me. Funny Mommy,i think she is going bonkers soon.
Mommy:But you do look real funny sonny!

Mommy said this is a santa suit and i am suppose to wear it and go around giving other doggies prezzies. Why can't other doggies be santa and i receive prezzies instead? *look into my half empty toy box*

Doggies, how do you think i look in this suit? Can i pass off as Santa YangYang?


Monday, December 10, 2007

Opps,i did it again...

Hello doggies, its been a very wet weekend and i didn't get to go anywhere. Mommy kept saying its been raining dogs and cats but i dun see any doggies or meowies falling from the sky.

Mommy's been kinda busy as she went X'mas shopping,when she's at home she will be reading..and ignoring me. I got real angry with the book for diverting Mommy's attention towards me and i got my revenge! Hee hee hee,but Mommy wasn't pleased with me though.

The attention seeking notti book!

Very pleased with myself,teehee....
The book deserved it,dun you think so? Mommy:The book fine is coming out from your piggy bank dude....*shake head*


Thursday, December 6, 2007

My New Toy!

Hello every doggies, how have your week been so far? Its been raining everyday and i hate it becoz that means no more walkies for me.

Mommy bought me a new toy to keep me occupied and i loved it! Mommy is notti, she will try to put in some treats for me into the ball and made me roll it ard and get the treat out, its tough work but its really fun!
Mommy:Thats just my excuse of offering him more dehydrated treats.

Wanna see how i play with my ball?

Checking out my new ball!

The Ball is too big for my mouth!
Trying to get the treat out!

I am sure having loads of fun! Till the next time folks!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I've been awarded!

Dear Doggies and Hoomans, guess what? I have been awarded by my best fwen Sweety!

This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun."I felt really very honoured to have received this award as i just started blogging not too long ago"!

Thanks Sweety! And i would like to tag this award and present it to the following,

1) Boo Boo

2) King King

3) Benny


Friday, November 30, 2007

My First X'mas Prezzie!

Hello Doggies & Hoomans! Mommy was too busy over the past few days hence we only got the time to blog now, did anyone missed me?

Guess what, i received my first ever X'mas prezzie and its kinda cute. But i am not allowed to touch it yet as Mommy said that she will place it under a tree and i can play with it after X'mas. Wonder what type of tree is Mommy bringing into our home and can i go and mark around it?

Opps, i forgot to thank Unker A of Clubpets for giving me this cutie prezzie. Thanks Unker A!

This is my prezzie, isn't it the sweetest?I can't wait to pounce on it!

Have a great and fun weekend!


Monday, November 26, 2007

I've been tagged!

Hello Doggies and Hoomans,hope you had a great weekend!

Well,i've been tagged by King King for the very first time and i am suppose to do the following,
1)List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself

2)Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them )

3)Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

8 Facts about Me!
1)I am suppose to be a water dog but i hate water.
2)I love to chew on deer tendons (my favourite)
3)I am 2nd in my litter of 3 siblings.
4)My best friend is a gal and her name is Sweety
5)Camry my JRT friend first taught me how to hump.
6)My favourite food is meatloaf.
7)I am a cry baby and will often whine to get my Mommy's attention.
8)I love fruits esp durian (which Mommy hates)

The 8 friends i am going to tag will be Bee Bee, Sweety, Zen Zen, Patches, Boo Boo, Bond Bond, Happy and finally Fei Fei~~~~

Ok, am popping over to each of theirs individual blog to tell them that they have been TAGGED by moi!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sleeping Handsome!

Last night when i was trying to sleep, Mommy came up to me with a camera. I pretend to sleep as i know she will leave her precious baby alone when he is about to zzz.
Mommy:The sunshine boy will whine IF you disturb him when he's going to Lala land.

I usually sleep with my head on my favourite pillow ( prezzie from Aunty R) and my arms around my little beanie (prezzie from JJ Elina). If not then i go rest my head on Mommy's pillow.

Ain't i a sleeping handsome?


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hello doggies and hoomans, how was your week so far? I had a miserable Tuesday night though...Mommy whack my handsome little butt butt with her hands.

I did something fun and that made Mommy very very MAD at me. Not my fault right? Things left on the table are supposed to be bitten and played with right? And Daddy has so many of these, one more or one less no differences right?
Mommy:I will leave it for your friends to comment so you know if its right or wrong!

Buttons gone from shirt

The culprit caught red handed!

Anyway, i am grounded for the rest of the week so please come by my place to play with me if you are around the area.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Day Out With Fwens!

Hello Doggies, hope you boys/gals had a fabulous weekend!

As promised, Mommy together with Jie Jie Socky and Jie Jie Elina brought me, Sweety and YangYang (my poodle fwen) to Pawtobello cafe for breaky on Saturday! Sorry for the lack of fotos as the hoomans was busy eating and controlling the situation as we have a total of 7 poodles there. My sister Kimmie,Teddy, Parco were all there too but sorwee, no fotos of them. But we manage a group foto of us three though...Teehee....

YangYang(the black poodle),Me and Sweety!

After breaky, its off to WCDR for a playing session! During the way there,it started to drizzle and boy was i disappointed. But when we reach there, the drizzle has stopped and off we went to the dog run!

We had a great time there and JJ Socky manage to take lotsa beautiful fotos of us! She is our unofficial photographer during our gatherings and she is really good with her skill! Mommy:You better say a proper thank you to your JJ Socky when you next see her

Me and My Bestest fwen Sweety!

Prancing Around like a Ballerina

Taking a well deserved break!

Did i mentioned that Sweety was in her rare playing mode? Both of us rough play in the car, in the cafe, at the dog run much to the amusement of the hoomans. JJ Socky was saying she has never seen Sweety played like this...i guess i do have my charms huh, maybe thats why we are best fwen!
Mommy:Here we go again....

Ok, i better go and sleep now, this typing is so tiring...Have a blue, opps i mean cool Monday!


Friday, November 16, 2007

My Jie Jie and Me!

Hello there again! I am just wondering if any one of you meet up with your biological siblings once in awhile?

Introducing my older sister Kimmie! Now we looked very much alike right?Aunty R(Jie Jie's Mommy) and my Mommy was comparing notes and actually we two do have alot in common, like toliet training was a breeze, slept on our identical pillows at night ect...Thanks Socky Jie Jie for taking nice nice foto of us!
Mommy:Bragging as usual YangYang?

Kimmie with blue dress & me

Anyway, i am looking forward to tomorrow as i am going out with my best fwen Sweety, my good fwen YangYang (he's a poodle too and yes,we have the same name) and my Jie Jie Kimmie! Our hoomans are bringing us to have breakfast at a Doggy Cafe in town! AND i heard that after breaky,we are going to a Dog Run! I love to RUN!

Will update on our outing soon and have a great weekend all!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Glamour Studio Photos

At 4 months old, still a baby.

7 months old, Mommy's favourite foto.

1 year old! Big Boi!

Hello fellow friends, well i am done with sulking as Mommy promised to bring me to a doggy cafe for a meal this coming few days so all feuds/displeasure with my Mommy dearest is forgotten
Mommy:The lil brat refused to cuddle up to me till i promised him a visit to the doggy cafe.....

Anyway, i was looking thru my foto album and i just like to share some favourites of mine. They were all taken during different stages of my life. And i need your guys/gals to tell me if i look cute or handsome ok? Teehee....
Mommy:Someone's really vain huh?


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dinner Time!

Goat Cheese Meatball Pasta!

Me Chomping away!

Hello there again, hope everyone had a great weekend! My trip to the Dog Run was not materialized as Mommy was too tired to bring me. I sulked the whole day and Mommy couldn't stand it and make it up to me by cooking me a special dinner!
Mommy:The lil brat was making himself looked so darn miserable.

Well, Mommy make me Goat Cheese Meatball Pasta! I finish my portion of food within seconds and was expecting Mommy to give me more but she just remove my bowl bowl and wash up! guessed it,back to more sulking.

Talk again when i am done with sulking yeah.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Am A Big Boi!

Just this morning , Mommy dearest was telling me about how different i look when i was just a teeny weeny baby boy and now. I want to tell her,i can't stay forever as a puppy can i? Can you see a difference? I am still very much a handsome boi right?
Mommy :Ya right.....

I use to weigh like a miserable 900 grams when i first went home with Mommy at 3 months old and now i am a whopping 4.5kg! I am pretty much a picky eater as Mommy had spoiled me with the finest selection of HCF ever since and i turned my nose at kibbles...who needs them right? I prefer a slice of meatloaf or quiche any time man!

Its Saturday today and Mommy mentioned about bringing me to a dog run later in the day. Boy i am so looking forward to it!

Well, have a good weekend all and have fun with your hoomans!


Friday, November 9, 2007

Swimming Anyone?

Now now, anyone of you like swimming here? I detest it and its weird because i am suppose to be a water dog...

Mommy brought me to this place called U Petgamart and literally threw me into the pool! As if i dun have enuff lessons of swimming from my Daycare Centre trainers...
Mommy: Thats coz i dun get to see you swimming during daycare dude!

Anyway, i felt really safe in the pool cos my clumsy Mommy slipped and fell into the pool with a big splash hence i had her as a buoy to cling on to when i am feeling tired, hehehe.
Mommy:You ungrateful rascal!

Well, i met lotsa friends and their hoomans there and my JRT god jie jie Jojo was there too. She can swim better than me though.

Till the next time folks, i need a good sleep badly!Yawn....


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Greetings Friends!

Hello hello there! My name is YangYang and i am a 13 month old Apricot Toy Poodle. Now, some of you may find very very familiar looking yeah? Yes, that was indeed me on the Clubpet magazine cover some time back.

My doting Mommy feels that i have the x-factor to become a cover boy hence she send me to this photography studio to take some nice fotos of me, the rest were history and i was picked the winner.

Now this blog is done so that my doggy friends and their hoomans will get to know more about me, so please do drop by soon again ah.