Friday, October 24, 2008

Boring Week...

Its been raining meowies and woofies these few days and Mommy has not been walking me, maybe i should ask her for a raincoat so that i can go *singing in the rain*
Mommy: That can be arrange but you can't sing baby!

Not doing very much at home except to attack my toys, gnawing on my nyla bone and creating trouble for Mommy & Daddy, teehee.....
Mommy: Ya, thanks alot for destroying my books again! *shake head*

Mommy mentioned bringing me out next Sunday with JJ J & JJ E! And thats great cos i get to meet Camry & Lion. Camry is my first galfriend and she was the one who taught me how to hump and me in turn taught it to Lion, whahaha. Please come up to say hi if you spot me, Mommy & Daddy at the SKC show next weekend ah. We love to meet you all! Till then,tata!