Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The King!

Hello again! I was at daycare yesterday as it was my birthday and Mommy wants me to enjoy myself. I had a nice surprise, Jie Jie Corrinne got Kor Kor Kent (the groomer at Club4paws) to give me a special birthday spa as she know that mommy is gonna bring me out for dinner.

After the usual running & swimming, i had a spa treatment! After the spa treatment Jie Jie Corrinne kept me in her office with Flapper as she dun want me to go mess myself up,hehe. Mommy:Thanks for the b'day surprise Corrinne, Sam & Al!

When i got home, Mommy and Daddy brought me out to this nice restaurant to have dinner. But mommy forgot her camera, so no photos to show.... Mommy: yaya, my fault lah.

I was so so tired when i got home after the dinner but Mommy still wants to take some photos of me on my actual b'day! So these are the obligatory fotos.....

Me wearing a party hat barely awake.....

The King is tired....
Ssshh.....the King is sleeping......


Monday, September 29, 2008

I Am 2! (Part 2)

Here are more fotos taken at my party, you will see more frens!

Sweety & Camry swimming Shy shy Lion!
Paw Paw & Yogurt
Me and my fren also named YangYang
Cutie Sweety
Funny Paw Paw
Pretty Kimmie
Thank you for coming to my pawty!

Hope you enjoyed the fotos!

I like to say a big thank you to Jie Jie Corrinne,Kor Kor Sam, Kor Kor Al, Jie Jie Sumon and Jie Jie Cheryl for all their help during my pawty.


I Am 2! (Part 1)

Today's date is 29th September 2008, its my 2nd birthday!! Happy Barkday to me, Happy Barkday to me, Happy Barkday to ME, Happy Barkday to me......
Mommy: Happy 2nd B'day my precious baby...

Mommy & Daddy had a small b'day celebration for me with some of my doggy pals last saturday @ Club4paws. We had loads of fun and lots to eat!

This is what we had, yummy potato ball with pork!

This is me and my birthday cake! Its a doggy strawberry cheesecake and me luv it!

Daddy feeding me, yums!
Some of my doggy pals went swimming in the big pool but Mommy did not capture any nice fotos. Here is Bee Bee, Kimmie and Teddy. In case you dun know, Kimmie is my jie jie.

I had some gifts for my doggy pals who came too, hope they like the prezzie that Mommy and i pick out specially for them!

And this is mine, nice nice right?

Will upload more fotos in time to come, gotta go and play now, afterall i am the 寿星公 today! Hehehe! *run off to play*Mommy: Thanks to all who attended YY's party. Hope you had a great time and thanks again for your lovely prezzies and ang baos.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some thoughts......

(penned by Mommy)

Yangyang will turn 2 in a few days time. I can still remember the time when he came to me as a tiny weeny puppy at 3 months old and weighing only 700 grams. He is a brave boy, and did not even whine once during his first night with us at home without his biological mommy and 2 other siblings.

He was the cheekiest among his litter and the most playful one (well, he still is). Slowly, i learn more about his character, he loves being rocked to sleep in my arms and loves to cuddle. I wake up everyday with a stiff shoulder as my shoulder serve as a pillow to him. His daddy wakes up with a stiff back sometimes when our baby boy decide to change his position on the bed.

I looked forward going home everyday after work as i know the lil rascal will be standing by the door waiting for my arrival and will insist i pick him up and kiss him before he trots to his waiting toys.

He is forever there when i need someone to talk to,a hug or a kiss. I love you Yangyang baby, thank you for coming into my life, without you it would be incomplete. Happy 2nd Birthday!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Surprise Gift!

Hello doggies and hoomans, sorry for not being able to update my blog for the past 2 months. Mommy and i were real busy.

Mommy receive a surprise gift from Unker Al (Mommy's old friend) yesterday, he pop by our home and gave her this mug! And the mug has got my name and face on it! Its mine!!
Mommy: This mug is mine baby, you can't use a mug for pete's sake, how are you gonna drink from it? *roll eyes*

Anyway Mommy is gonna bring my mug to use in her office, so unfair right?

On a happier note, i was given deer tendon in exchange for the mug. I better go chew it now in case my bad Mommy steals them from me.


Go away and dun disturb can?