Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hello Doggies, sorry for the lack of post for so long as we were busy preparing for the Chinese New Year! I heard that Daddy has to queue for the longest time at the bank to get us crisp new notes to be given as ang pow to my friends when they come visiting our home.

Anyway, i was at the SKC Show 2 weekend back and i had loads of fun!I saw so many of my friends!Sweety,Camry,Lion,Kimmie,Teddy, Jamie, Paw, Zen, Baby were all there!Mommy is waiting for Sweety JJ to send us the beautiful fotos she took during the event ,so please be patient! Here's 2 foto of me sitting on a chair while waiting for our food.

Its the Chinese New Year next week and there are loads of funny stuffs at home, there are bottles and cans of drink, keropok, pineapple tarts, all sorts of cookies BUT Mommy say i am not allow any.....
Mommy:You have your own dehydrated snacks already YY!

Catch up again soon folks!

Poutingly Yours,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Clubpets Annual Cover Dog Contest is back!

Hey doggies, the Clubpets Annual Cover Dog Contest is back!I f you want to be like me, appearing on the cover of Singapore's most read pet magazine Clubpets, please call Unker Lundy from themen@work before 28th April 2008 for a appointment. His contacts are 9180 3227.

Have fun and good luck pals!


Monday, January 14, 2008

My Favourite Position

Hello doggies and hoomans! Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Mommy took a funny foto of Daddy holding me and she realise that that is my favourite position in my Daddy's arms!...look ain't i cute?

I am so looking forward to this sunday for the dog show and i hope to meet loads of friends (i mean MY friends, not Mommy's friends) Mommy:Didn't you realise that Mommy's friends are the mommies and daddies of YOUR friends??

Anyway, i dunno why i was so tired yesterday that i fall asleep in the living room while Mommy was watching TV and i heard i gotta be carried to the bed as i refused to wake up.

Its the start of a brand new week and i hope all will go well with Mommy as she is still not feeling very well despite seeing the vet (i mean the doctor) for umpteen times...

Have a fun week all!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Thank You Sweety!

I have been awarded by my best fwen Sweety with this wonderful award called "you made my day". Thank you so much Sweety. You definitely made my day too!

Now the rules are to pass the award along to up to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland!

Well,i am going to pass the awards to my fellow fwens as they made my day too!
1)Sweety (back to you my dearest Sweety Pie)
2)Fei Fei
3)Bee Bee
4)Zen Zen
7)Bond Bond
8)Boo Boo
10)King King

The weather has been really funny these days and i enjoy seeing Mommy playing hide & seek with Unker Sun, she bring our clothes in & out of the house dunno how many times a day....

Its the SKC Show next coming sunday (20th Jan) and Mommy was saying she may allow me to join certain contest but i dun feel like dressing up or run like a mad dog though. But i mish my doggy fwens like Lion,Camry,JJ Kimmie hence have no choice but to go. I also mish Unker Alvin, Aunty Olivia, Unker Lundy and hope to see them at the Clubpets booth. So please do come up to say hello to me when you spot me, mommy and daddy okie?

Have a great weekend!

Lots of Muacks,

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Hello Doggies! Sorry for doing the disappearing act for so long. Mommy was sick for the past 2 weeks so thats why we went MIA. But now she is better and finally well enuff to go back to work today.

The last week of 2007 was a fun week for me as Sweety came to stay with me for 4 solid days. We had great fun together but Mommy was too sick to take any photos of us. I think i irritate Sweety too much that she has to run away from me most of the time. But i think she enjoyed staying with us too as Mommy fed us very yummy food. I missed Sweety and wondered when will i see her again.

On a lighter note, its 2008! My new year resolution is to play more, eat more and sleep more and grow fat!
Mommy:What kinda of a resolution is that??*hiak hiak*

Have a great and rewarding 2008 folks!